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Two New “Add-On” Structural Slip-On Pipe Fittings

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Two new “add-on” fittings from Easyfit, Inc., Canton, Ohio allow for the modification and expansion of existing tubular pipe structures without having to dismantle the structure. Easyfit models EFA03G Short Tee and EFA40G Crossover fittings are available in two sizes each to fit 1-1/4” and 1-1/2” nominal pipe and are designed for building and modifying handrails, guard rails, displays, racks, shelves, tables, playground equipment, store fixtures, lighting grids, awnings, theatrical sets, carports, greenhouses, boat docks, safety barriers and other structures, Easyfit states.

The new EFA03G Short Tee fitting is designed to join an upright and horizontal rail while the new EFA40G Crossover fitting provides a 90° offset crossover joint within the structure. The new fittings are constructed of cast iron to BS EN 1562:1997 for strength and durability. They are galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 for corrosion resistance, the company states.

The new add-on fittings are easy to install, requiring only a hex key to tighten the stainless steel set screws, according to Easyfit, saving up to 50% installation costs compared to welded railings and other structures. For more information, contact: Easyfit, Inc. 2751 Werner Church Road, N.E., Building 4C, Canton, OH 44721. Toll-Free: 877-EASYFIT (877-327-9348). Phone: 330-494-9610. Fax: 330-494-9615. E-Mail: [email protected].

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