Privacy Policy

Long story short, you are safe with Easyfit.

I value the privacy of our customers. If there is any concern regarding the use of my website, please contact me directly. My name is Josh and I'm the General Manager of Easyfit.

For Your Information:

  • Sales data and contact information such as name, address, phone, and email address is never made available to, or sold to any third parties.
  • In an effort to improve Easyfit's website, making it more useful to you and easier to use, there is information gathered regarding IP address, domain name, time spent per page, etc.
  • As a company that, at times, distributes products from other manufacturers. Your order information will be submitted to them for the sake of shipping your products.
  • Your information (name, company name, project images, etc.) will never be shared publically without your express written permission.