About Us

Easyfit strives to be the most cost-effective provider of structural pipe fittings for everyone ranging from the DIY-er to corporate accounts.


Personalized Interactions

Easyfit is a one person operation. My name is Josh and I have worked with pipe fittings for the last 6 years. My goal is to use my knowledge and expertise to assure that you get exactly what you need. With a background in customer service, I desire that everyone’s experience with Easyfit is a positive one.

Don’t get lost in transferring calls and multiple departments. I will help you from start to finish in each interaction.

Value Without Sacrificing Quality

Though I pride myself in being cost competitive, I never want to drive down prices at the expense of your experience. When you purchase industrial pipe fittings from Easyfit, you’ll receive a well-made, strong, durable fitting that is built to last.

I want to know if you experience any difficulty in using our product. If you have any concerns about the quality of Easyfit fittings, call me directly at 585-239-1050.

Focus On Fittings

Selling several different types of products means your attention is divided. Being an expert on your product means delivering more useful information. My approach is focused. I sell fittings and I know fittings. I am also well versed in OSHA and ADA railing for easy compliance.

If ever you need help deciding on what fitting to use, my 6 years of experience are here for you. What size pipe is best? What’s the best way to design and assemble pipe base structures? You have questions, I’d like to answer them.