Who We Are

We Are Your Low Cost, Online Retailer of Structural Pipe Fittings

Structural pipe fittings come in a variety of different types and can be used in an unlimited amount of ways. With its strength, pipe fittings are trusted to create OSHA-compliant guardrails to protect people working at heights. With its look and feel, fittings are used in clothing stores as racking and shelving to complete an industrial theme. Whether you need hand railings or a parkour structure, fittings have proven to be the lower cost, DIY friendly solution to pipe structures.

We Work With Everyone

Because our products are so versatile, we know people with very different circumstances can benefit from structural pipe fittings. That is why we focus on making purchasing fittings online an easy experience. Just need a couple of fittings for a small DIY project at home? No problem! Our easy to use check out system will get your fittings out the door in a matter of 2 business days. Need to order thousands of fittings on a regular basis as you integrate them into your business? Set up an account and we will streamline your purchasing process!

We Are Personal

We won't hide it, Easyfit is a small company. We focus on growing by treating every person with respect and care. If you ever have a concern or you feel that you are not receiving the service you need, reach out to me directly. My name is Austin and I'm the manager here. My email is austin@easyfit.com and I promise to respond to you within one business hour.