Working From Home Desk Conversion

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Desk Conversion Project Details

Due to current pandemic, I, like many others, have been forced to work from home. I soon found that I needed a functional space to sit down, concentrate, and get some work done. The MDF desk that I had purchased from Amazon was not going to cut it. It was flimsy and literally falling apart. On top of that, I was unhappy with the height of the desk and the lack of it's adjustability. I needed a change! Rather than scrap the entire desk, however, I opted to recycle the existing tabletop and use Easyfit structural pipe fittings to build an entirely new and much stronger frame.

As the manager of Easyfit, I was already well versed in how these fittings worked and I knew that I would have a rock-solid desk once the conversion was complete. Easyfit structural pipe fitting utilize set screws that, once tightened down, can create a connection as strong as a weld without the dangers associated with actual welding. It also gave me the adjustability I was looking for as making adjustments is as easy as untightening a set screw. It also helped that the fittings were cost-effective, which still makes me wonder why I opted for a flimsy desk off of Amazon in the first place.

I opted to use 1" pipe and the respective fittings. The exact fittings used in this project were the EF03G-25 - Single Socket Tee Fittings, the EF09G-25 - Square Base Flanges, the EF21G-25 - Side Outlet Tees, the EF34G-25 - Fixing Pads, and the EF40G-25 - Crossover Fittings.

Thoughts On the Completed Project

I am in love with this desk!

As the table top is MDF, I decided to create a full perimeter of pipe to support it. This, in turn, created an extremely sturdy desk that will handle anything I throw at it. It's built to my specific dimensions as well. It fits perfectly in my space and it's tailored specifically to my height so I can be comfortable while working or playing a game. I also used pipe and fittings to mount the monitors to my eye level. Easyfit structural pipe fittings made this a super easy project that I'm really proud of and I think looks great.

Ready to Start Your Own Project?

If you’re feeling inspired by my project and want to tackle a similar one, you can take a look at our dozens of structural pipe fittings fittings for yourself. You can convert a desk like I did or build seemingly anything else with absolute ease!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our products along the way. We’d love to see some more cool desk conversion projects in the near future!

Products Used in this Project