Industrial Pipe Shelving Built With Easyfit Structural Pipe Fittings

Industrial Pipe Shelving  Industrial Pipe Shelving

Industrial Shelving Project Details

With industrial-looking furniture and fixtures on the rise, many people are turning to pipe and fittings to create their own great looking furniture. This way, they can create unique pieces that fit a space perfectly. Not only that, but there's a great sense of pride in knowing that you've built something yourself. Unfortunately, pipe and fittings are getting rather expensive with the constantly increasing cost of steel, and the cheaper products at your local hardware store are often threaded. This makes them harder to work with and leaves unattractive threading showing.

Using Easyfit structural pipe fittings is an easy and attractive way to construct your own custom industrial furniture. They are unique in that they utilize a set screw connection that can be as strong as a weld once tightened down. This eliminates any need to deal with complicated threaded pipe and fittings. Just place the fitting around the pipe, use a simple allen wrench to tighten the set screw, and you're in business!

All Easyfit fittings are hot-dipped galvanized inside and out. This means that your furniture will last a lifetime. Easyfit fittings are also consistently more cost-effective than alternative set screw-based fittings.

Utilizing Easyfit’s 1” pipe fittings and a 12-gauge steel tubing, Nadine from Schaumburg, Illinois built the beautiful industrial pipe shelving that's pictured above. The best part about her project? It was incredibly simple to build and only uses a handful of fittings. The fittings used in Nadine's shelving project were the EF02G-25 - 90 Degree Elbow fittings, the EF11G-25 - Wall Flange fittings, the EF04G-25 - Three Socket Tee fittings, and theEF30G-25 - Collar fittings.

Thoughts On Using Easyfit Structural Pipe Fittings

Here is what Nadine had to say about using Easyfit fittings for her shelving project:

"As the “industrial” look becomes a more popular style I wanted to replicate that in a bookshelf. The size and shape of the fittings were perfect for assembly and aesthetics, specifically because they aren’t as bulky as a lot of other products I looked at. I also liked the idea that with these fittings I didn’t have to cut the pipe as many times like I would with threaded options and I can add or change up the shelves positions in the future.

My experience with the company was perfect. I ordered twice, the first shipment was on time and the second was early and great customer service!"

- Nadine from Schaumburg, Illinois

Ready to Start Your Own Project?

If you’re feeling inspired by Nadine’s project, you can take a look at our dozens of structural pipe fittings fittings for yourself. You could start your own custom shelving project or create an entirely different piece of industrial furniture. If you can think it, you can build it!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our products along the way. We love to see new and exciting projects and would love to feature yours some day!

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