High Hoop Greenhouse Built With Easyfit Structural Pipe Fittings

high hoop greenhouse exterior high hoop greenhouse exterior

High Hoop Greenhouse Project Details

If you’re building a structure outdoors, it needs to be sturdy and stand up to the harsh environment. Greenhouses are no exception. It is important that they are both structurally sound and corrosion resistant, as they will be exposed to moisture on a regular basis as well as whatever the weather decides to throw at it.

Using structural pipe fittings is an easy and effective way to build greenhouses. Easyfit pipe fittings, specifically, are all hot-dipped galvanized. This means that they will last decades whether they’re indoors or outside used as structural material. They are also unique in the use of set screws to create a secure connection to the pipe over traditional threaded pipe and fittings.

Once these set screws are tightened down, this connection can be as strong as a weld without the dangers associated with it and while still offering you the ability to make adjustments if need be. Easyfit fittings are also consistently more cost-effective than alternative set screw-based fittings.

Utilizing Easyfit’s 1-¼” pipe fittings and a 12-gauge steel tubing, Steven with KOR Environmental assembled his very own high tunnel greenhouse. The pipe was bent to make an arch, then connected in the middle using the EF24G-32 - 4-Way Tee Fittings. For added support, horizontal pipes were connected to the arch using EF40G-32 - 90 Degree Crossover Fittings

Thoughts On Using Easyfit Structural Pipe Fittings

Here is what Steven had to say about using Easyfit fittings for his greenhouse project:

"Absolutely satisfied with not only the product that was provided, but also the fast and professional transaction experiences we had with Easyfit. The fittings were of high quality, and very durable. The assembly of our new hydroponic greenhouse went as smooth as could be, and we were given more than fair pricing options for our project. We look forward to working with Easyfit in the future to grow to be the new Premier growers of leafy greens on the east coast!"

- Steven Purcell // Director of Aquaponic Operations, KOR Environmental

Ready to Start Your Own Project?

If you’re feeling inspired by Steven’s project, you can take a look at our dozens of structural pipe fittings fittings for yourself. You could start your own outdoor greenhouse structure project or build something completely unique. The possibilities are endless!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our products along the way. We’d love to see (and show off) more amazing projects just like Steven’s!