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Easyfit modular railings are better than welded railings in most applications.

Why are Easyfit railings better than welded railings in most applications? At the risk of offending poetry lovers in general and Elizabeth Barrett Browning fans in particular, 'Let me count the ways'.

First, Easyfit railings are easy to build. No special tools or equipment is required, just simple hand tools: a saw (if you're doing the pipe yourself), a drill, a wrench and a hex key are all you need. The many styles of Easyfit fittings allow for the most complex designs to be constructed without the need to bend, thread or weld.

Second, when your railing is completed with the bases properly mounted to the surfaces you're working on and all the set screws are properly tightened, your railing will be rock solid. It will easily withstand the heaviest traffic patterns as well as a welded railing at much less cost.

Third, the modular railings made from Easyfit fittings can be easily repaired or modified should the need arise. This is particularly important if the railing is in an area with vehicular traffic. As the saying goes, if you have railings and trucks together; sooner or later they're going to meet! In most cases, the fittings survive catastophe. Simply remove the damaged pipe and any fittings that are damaged and replace them.

Fourth, since the pipe is inserted in the fittings, the railings are NOT skateboard friendly. This is a handy feature for commercial and retail applications. Kids having fun is a good thing; kids getting injured on your property is not.

Lastly, Easyfit railings are durable. Most welded railings are not galvanized after construction (and can't be before) due to cost, their only protection from corrosion is paint.  With the acidic nature of rain, rainwater will eat through the paint and begin to rust the metal of the railing. This is particularly true where the welded railing is set into concrete. Water tends to pool there allowing more contact with the railing and speeding up the process. As a test, when you are out and about, take a look at some welded railings. If they have been up for a while, you will notice rust forming on them. Railings made with Easyfit fittings and galvanized pipe, even if they are painted, have the extra layer of protection that galvanizing provides. While even galvanized metal will succumb to acid rain eventually, your Easyfit railing will look good longer and require less maintenance to keep it that way.

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