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About Slip-On Pipe Fittings

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The Slip-On Method

Slip-On pipe fittings are also known as structural pipe fittings, and are sometimes called clamps or pipe clamps. With Slip-On fittings you can build almost any type of pipe structure including handrails, guardrails, safety barriers, boat docks, theatrical sets, lighting grids, canopies or awnings, playground equipment, and more.

Easyfit Slip-On fittings slide onto your desired pipe length easily. Position the slip on fitting as needed, then insert your hex wrench into the set screw and tighten. Slip-On fittings can be re-adjusted along your pipe length if needed even if your project is in progress.

Because there is no welding involved, your fitting placement is not etched in stone. The corrosion-resistant set screws can be easily undone with the hex wrench if needed, allowing flexibility in your design if you change your plans or if a construction error is made.

When you finalize your design plans, tighten all fittings set screws to recommended 29 ft./lbs. This will ensure that your pipe structure is safe, secure, and permanent. For technical advice for building your pipe structure, visit the Easyfit Technical Page.

Recycle Your Fittings

Your structure can be disassembled if needed. Easyfit Slip-On fittings then become reusable for another pipe project . Be sure to see the Easyfit Catalog where you can select the fitting styles suitable for your project.