Picking the Best Fitting for your Project - Tee Fittings

One of the most common fittings that you will find is the tee fitting. It typically consists of at least one socket, and perpendicular to that socket another pair of sockets or a pass-through.

So when would I use the standard and far less expensive single socket tee versus the three socket tee? Let's first go over each one quickly and describe their features.

Single Socket Tee

The single socket tee fitting is exactly what it sounds like. It is a tee fitting with one socket. 

For those who are unsure, a socket is the opening in a fitting that a pipe can be inserted into and will “butt” against a wall or another pipe. 

That being said, the single socket tee will allow one of your two pipes to slide all the way through (top portion of your “tee”), and the other pipe will be inserted and make contact with the adjacent pipe. 

The single socket tee only has two set screws. One is for the socket, while the other is for the pass-through. 

Three Socket Tee

Again, the three socket tee is a standard tee fitting with three sockets. Each socket has its own set screw, meaning there is a total of three set screws. 

This is important because it describes the biggest difference between the two tees. This tee can join three different pipes together, while the single socket tee can only join two.

Now one of the most common questions asked about the three socket tee is, can the pipe can slide all the way through the top portion or is there a stop in it? 

Though the three socket tee can join three pipes together, it, in fact, can join two and allow the top pipe to pass all the way through. This makes this tee fitting a great option for projects like a guardrail.

When To Use Each

What I have found is that the single socket tee, apart from creating guardrails, is typically the best option. Three socket tees are great for guardrails because it allows you to connect the post with two adjacent rails.

For every other tee connection you need to make, consider how many pipes will need to be joined together, and you should know exactly which tee to choose. 

If you need any additional assistance with oddball applications, give me a call at 1-877-327-9348 or shoot me an email at info@easyfit.com. I can help walk you through the choice.

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