Railing Bundles

The Easiest Way To Install An Exterior Residential Hand Railing

Houses have stairs, and stairs need hand railing. Introducing the easiest way to quickly install external, residential hand railing. Hand railings for home access are not only required for local building codes but are often necessary for those who struggle climbing steps. With two options to choose from, one Handrail Bundle consists of enough Easyfit fittings to build up to three separate hand railings. It can also be combined together to create two longer railings or one very long railing!

Multiple Handrails In One

This is the handyman starter pack for all residential hand railing. Whether you are finishing off projects at your house or helping out a neighbor returning from the hospital, the Handrail Bundle is the cost-effective solution to home accessibility. Grab some schedule 40 pipe, chop it to length, and easily install a brand new railing for you or your friend.