Galvanized Pipe Fittings

Our galvanized structural pipe fittings are an ideal solution for outdoor applications. Being corrosive resistant and able to last decades out in the elements, galvanized fittings bring strength and durability to any project.

Galvanized pipe fittings are great for handrails, custom structures, theatre rigging and truss designs, desk frames, and anything else you can think of.

EF00G - Straight Sleeve EF00G - Straight Sleeve image
EF01G - Expanding Connector EF01G - Expanding Connector image
EF02G - 90 Degree Elbow 90 Degree Elbow image
EF03G - Single Socket Tee Single Socket Tee image
EF04G - Three Socket Tee Three Socket Tee image
EF05G - Variable Elbow EF05G - Variable Elbow image
EF06G - Internal Swivel Tee EF06G - Internal Swivel Tee image
EF07G - 45 Degree Tee EF07G - 45 Degree Tee image
EF09G - Square Base Flange EF09G - Square Base Flange image
EF10G - Swivel Base EF10G - Swivel Base image
EF11G - Wall Flange Wall Flange image
EF12G - Railing Base Flange Railing Base Flange image
EF13G - Vertical Base Flange EF13G - Vertical Base Flange image
EF14G - Horizontal Side Flange EF14G - Horizontal Side Flange image
EF15G - Wall Flange EF15G - Wall Flange image
EF16G - Rail Bracket EF16G - Rail Bracket image
EF17G - Ground Support EF17G - Ground Support image
EF18G - Railing Base with Toeboard EF18G - Railing Base with Toeboard image
EF20G - Side Outlet Elbow Side Outlet Elbow image
EF21G - Side Outlet Tee Side Outlet Tee image
EF22G - Two Socket Cross Two Socket Cross image
EF23G - Three Socket Cross Three Socket Cross image
EF24G - 4-way with Center Tube EF24G - 4-way with Center Tube image
EF25G - Short Swivel Tee-Pair EF25G - Short Swivel Tee-Pair image
EF28G - 30-45 Degree Adjust Two Socket EF28G - 30-45 Degree Adust Two Socket image
EF29G - Variable Angle Tee EF29G - Variable Angle Tee image
EF30G - Collar EF30G - Collar image
EF31G - Gate Eye EF31G - Gate Eye image
EF32G - Gate Hinge EF32G - Gate Hinge image
EF33G - Hook EF33G - Hook image
EF34G - Fixing Pad EF34G - Fixing Pad image
EF35G - Male Swivel EF35G - Male Swivel image
EF36G - Female Swivel EF36G - Female Swivel image
EF36GM - Male Swivel EF36GM - Male Swivel image
EF37G - Double Male Swivel EF37G - Double Male Swivel image
EF38G - 90 Degree Corner Male EF38G - 90 Degree Corner Male image
EF40G - Crossover EF40G - Crossover image
EF41G - Clamp-On Tee EF41G - Clamp-On Tee image
EF42G - Clamping Crossover EF42G - Clamping Crossover image
EF43G - Combination Socket EF43G - Combination Socket image
EF45G - Single Swivel Kit EF45G - Single Swivel Kit image
EF45GM - Inline Swivel Kit EF45GM - Inline Swivel Kit image
EF46G - Base Swivel Kit EF46G - Base Swivel Kit image
EF47G - Double Swivel Kit EF47G - Double Swivel Kit image
EF48G - 90 Degree Corner Swivel Kit EF48G - 90 Degree Corner Swivel Kit image
EF55G - 27.5 Degree Ridge Fitting EF55G - 27.5 Degree Ridge Fitting image
EF56G - 27.5 Degree Eaves Fitting EF56G - 27.5 Degree Eaves Fitting image