ADA Handrail Galvanized Pipe Fittings

For a smooth and continuous handrail, Easyfit's ADA fittings are an ideal choice. Avoid the complications and additional cost of welding and build your next ADA handrail out of modular fittings. Paired with schedule 40 pipe, you can create a smooth handrail on ramps and stairs.
ADA01 - Upright Connector ADA01 - Upright Connector image
ADA02 - Handrail Connector ADA02 - Handrail Connector image
ADA03 - Wall Bracket ADA03 - Wall Bracket image
ADA04 - Intermediate Bracket ADA04 - Intermediate Bracket image
ADA05 - End Return ADA05 - End Return image
ADA06 - 90 Degree Bend ADA06 - 90 Degree Bend image
ADA07 - Intermediate Connector ADA07 - Intermediate Connector image
ADA08 - End Cap ADA08 - End Cap image
ADA09 - Adjustable Bend ADA09 - Adjustable Bend image