Picking the Best Fitting for your Project - 90 Degree Angles

You can make just about anything using galvanized pipe fittings. I personally have seen everything from interior clothing racks for a boutique to massive outdoor parkour structures. 

Though they are most commonly used for handrails and guardrails, pipe fittings versatility makes them a great material for creating lots of different structures.

The question comes down to, what fitting works best for your project? When you see my catalog page, you will likely be overwhelmed with the many different shapes and sizes of fittings.

This is a snapshot to help you when picking out the best fitting for your need. 

90 Degree Angle

Needing to create a simple 90 degree connection? The good news is there are many options.

For a standard 90 degree change of direction, people typically turn to the 90 degree elbow. Though this is a great option, there are other ways to achieve the same effect. 

Using a single socket tee makes the same 90 degree connection. The only downside is that it will leave an opening in the pipe on one side. The easiest way to rectify that is by plugging it off with an end cap. You will notice that the price of a single socket tee and cap combined is comparable to a single elbow.

Offset Options

If you don’t need your 90 degree angle to be inline, there are offset options available as well. 

The crossover fitting is similar to the single socket tee in that is leaves the pipe open and will need to be capped off. 

For an even more cost effective 90 degree connection, there is the clamping crossover. With a basic design, it uses a single set screw and clamping action to pin two pipes together. 

I know there is a lot to understand when selecting your best fittings, but I hope this at least helped get you started. As always, if you have any questions, call me at 1-877-327-9348 or email me at info@easyfit.com.

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