Smooth Handrail Bundle

The cleaner look, and simple design for adding or replacing your exterior hand railing. This bundle includes all the flanges, handrail connectors, and end caps to create a railing or multiple handrails that will work on any angle of stairs or sidewalk. The combination of the ADA01 and ADA04 quickly allows you to adjust your railing to any angle and is fixed in place by tightening a set screw. The flanges use a bigger pipe than the handrail to add durability and strength to the system while giving a smooth more graspable handrail. Cut your pipes to your desired lengths, connect the Easyfit fittings to the pipe using an allen wrench, fasten the handrail to the brackets, and you’ll have a smooth handrail solution for access to your home.

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Smooth Handrail Bundle
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What's Included?

What Can I Build?

Handrail Tech Help

What kind of pipe do I need?

1 ½” galvanized schedule 40 pipe (outside diameter of 1.9”) for the posts and 1 ¼” galvanized schedule 40 (outside diameter of 1.66”) for the handrail.

What hardware will I need?

Each flange will receive 2 x ½” mounting hardware. Each bracket will receive 2 x no. 10 self-tapping screws. Contact your local hardware store to advise on the best anchor or screw for your mounting situation. Most common surfaces for mounting posts are concrete and wood.

How tall should my posts be?

Standard height for a handrail is 36”, however, some people will benefit from a lower or higher railing. Because the handrail connectors (ADA01 + ADA04) will add some height to the handrail, you can cut your 2-3 inches shorter so that the overall height reaches your desired outcome.

How far can I span between posts?

The longest span between posts using 1 ¼” sched 40 pipe is 84”. If you need longer railings, the flanges and handrail connectors are included to add another post, or two, or three!

What if my stairs are more … complicated?

Easyfit fittings are not limited to what you see in these bundles. We have fittings to accommodate almost any situation. Here is the full list of handrail fittings.