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Easyfit fittings used to refurbish handrailing.

Connie from Ohio used Easyfit structural pipe fittings to repair a hand railing at her home. The railing had galvanized pipe that was in good shape for the uprights, but the railing had become dilapidated and unsafe. Since she was unsure of the angles involved in the railing, Connie chose Easyfit swivel fittings which can make virtually any angle for her project. After removing the old handrail, she simply slipped the swivel fittings over the uprights and tighed the set screws to lock them in place. Next, she measured the lengths of pipe required for the hand rail and cut them to length. The cut pipes were then inserted into the sockets of the swivel fittings and the set screws tightened to lock them in place. Lastly, end caps were placed on the uprights to keep out the elements (and stinging insects) and viola! - a new and good looking hand railing ready for years of service!

Do you have a railing that needs to be repaired or replaced? Give us a call, we can help you too!

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