Eagle Scout uses Easyfit structural pipe fittings to build handrails for church.

Blain, an Eagle scout from Oregon, designed and built two hand railings for his church. He used a combination of ADA and standard Easyfit modular fittings for his railings; one a wall mounted railing with the required loops at the ends and a free-standing railing with both end loops and a "baby rail" for added safety. The "baby rail" is the horizontal rail at the bottom of the free-standing railing. Its purpose is to keep crutches and wheelchairs from inadvertently straying off the ramp. The ADA fittings allow for easy construction and their design sets the railing at the proper distance from wall. Congratulation Blain on a job well done: arailings that are both aesthetic and functional.

If you need a handrailing, just give us a call. We can help you too!

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