Church installs acoustical panels in daycare center.

  The Hazel Dell Christian Church in Carmel, Indiana decided to install acoustical     panels in their daycare center. Their application had some unusual requirements; some of the panels needed to be mounted at an angle high on the wall while others needed to be mounted at floor level and also be able to swing from side to side. The church chose Richeson Cabinets of Indianapolis to design and install the panels. Dean Talmonti of Richeson did the design work and chose Easyfit fittings to make the frames for the panels.










The upper wall mounted panel was attached to the wall surface and a C bar made from Easyfit base and elbow fittings and pipe was attached to the wall near the bottom of the panel to set the proper angle. The swing panel frames were made with Easyfit tees and elbows to form a rectangle for the acoustical panel with a caster at the bottom of the outer edge. The completed frame was then attached to the wall with EF46G base swivel kits to allow the swinging motion.



Photos courtesy of Mitchell Richeson.

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