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Church replaces their old handrail with one made from Easyfit fittings.

Pleasureville United Methodist Church in York, PA needed to replace their old hand railing that had rusted through and was no longer safe. Doug Tyger, a member of the congregation, chose Easyfit structural pipe fittings for the job. The upright posts of the old railing had been set in the concrete steps. Doug was able to remove the old railing by cutting the uprights off flush with the steps and placing EF12G Railing Base Flanges over the areas where the posts had been removed. This saved the expense of breaking the concrete to remove the posts and then repouring the steps.

The railing, which is pictured on the right above, is an example of an off-set railing. This means that the hand railing is not directly over the upright posts but off-set to one side. This is an easy type of railing to build when the incline of the steps is very gradual and/or the steps are elongated, both of which occurred on this project.

The Easyfit railing has another advantage over most welded hand railings: it is galvanized. This will allow the railing to resist the weather (especially the acidic nature of rain in North America) and provide many years of maintenence free service.

According to Doug, the railing "went in very nicely. Everyone was very pleased".


Photos courtesy of Doug Tyger, PE. He is the president of CSI Services in York, PA.

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