Become a Reseller of Structural Pipe Fittings

Become a Reseller of Structural Pipe Fittings

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Why Easyfit?

Become a reselling partner for Easyfit’s structural pipe fittings and enjoy the versatile applications our comprehensive range of products delivers. By joining the Easyfit team of resellers, you can benefit from the loyalty of a US company with short lead times, customized shipping options, and a tiered discount structure that helps you to save more as your business grows.

Short Lead Times

Boost your efficiency with Easyfit’s short lead times, ensuring you can swiftly fulfill customer demands and minimize waiting periods.

Consistent Availability

Ensure steady sales and maintain customer trust as Easyfit’s consistent availability empowers you to meet market demands without disruptions, fostering a reliable reputation in the eyes of your clientele.

Sell More, Make More

A tiered discount structure optimizes cost savings by offering increasingly substantial discounts on higher quantities, incentivizing larger purchases, and fostering long-term customer relationships.

White-label Packaging, Drop Ship Available

Solidify your brand identity and build customer loyalty with our white-label options, providing you with the opportunity to market our high-quality product under your own brand, reinforcing a consistent and recognizable image in the market.

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What You Get with Easyfit

Best Price

Custom Branding Options

Create a lasting impression by seamlessly incorporating your brand’s identity and provide a personalized touch to your customers' unboxing experience with our Blank Boxes and Custom Packing Slips option.


Drop Ship

Simplify your operations and expand your product offerings without the hassle of managing inventory through our Drop Ship program. Streamline your reselling process, reduce overhead costs, and focus on growing your customer base.


Discount Pricing Structure

Unlock higher profits for your business with our tiered discount structure – the more you sell, the more you save, ensuring increased margins and a win-win opportunity.