Become an Installer of our Structural Pipe Fittings

Become an Installer of our Structural Pipe Fittings

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Why Easyfit?

Become a contractor and installer partner for Easyfit’s structural pipe fittings and enjoy the versatile applications our comprehensive range of products deliver. By joining the Easyfit team of contractors and installers, you can benefit from the loyalty of a US company with short lead times, expedited shipping options, and a tiered discount structure that helps you work within your budget.

What You Need

With a warehouse full of inventory and a consistently growing selection of industrial products, Easyfit will have what you need at the right price for your budget. Ensure steady sales and maintain customer trust as Easyfit’s product availability empowers you to meet market demands without disruptions, fostering a reliable reputation in the eyes of your clientele.

When You Need It

Never worry again about product being the bottleneck to getting your job done. Get it done under budget and ontime with our short lead times on all our structural pipe fittings. With same day shipping options available and a warehouse full of inventory, receiving product within your schedule will help keep you within your timeline.

Within Your Budget

A tiered discount structure saves you money by offering increasingly substantial discounts on higher quantities. This means, even with a larger project, it’s easier to stay within your budget without sacrificing the quality of what you need. The more work you do, the more profit you pocket.

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Partner Application

Applications for Structural Pipe Fittings


Depend on Easyfit structural tube and fittings for their exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion, crucial qualities that ensure the longevity and reliability of safety barriers along shipping docks, rooftops, public walkways, amusement parks, balconies, and anywhere fall protection is needed.


Easyfit structural tube and fittings are indispensable for crafting robust handrail systems. These components offer a corrosion-resistant solution, ensuring compliance with safety regulations while creating secure and stable handrails for various architectural applications, such as: residential homes, retail establishments, apartment complexes, public parks, and ADA ramps.

Parkour / Ninja Warrior

Don’t skimp out on the structural strength, corrosion resistant, and modular flexibility of Easyfit structural tube and fittings, enabling the creation of safe and challenging setups where parkour enthusiasts can train and perform. Galvanized tube and fittings are pivotal in the current parkour industry, serving as the building blocks for sturdy obstacle course frameworks as seen on World Chase Tag and parkour gyms opening up all over the country.

Animal Enclosures

Provide the strength and corrosion resistance necessary to create secure and durable fencing, gates, and structures for zoos, farms, and wildlife sanctuaries. Their robust construction ensures the safety of animals while withstanding exposure to the elements, making them a crucial choice for contractors in this field.


All-weather awnings are becoming more and more prevalent in areas of the country that dish out some extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. Easyfit structural tube and fittings are essential components for constructing reliable awning frames. Choose these materials for their structural integrity and weather resistance, ensuring the creation of awnings and canopies that offer both shade and protection from the elements.

Sports Fencing

Fences used to protect the players and the viewers are a crucial element to the enjoyment of today's games. Baseball batting cages, pickleball enclosures, baskbetball court barriers are all designed to keep the stray ball in play while keeping the unsuspecting individual safe. Easyfit structural fittings are perfect design of durability and strength for any fence or barrier in sports.

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Best Price

Personal Service

Allow us to serve as a constant point of contact between you and the freight company, providing real-time updates on shipment status, addressing concerns, and coordinating any necessary adjustments as needed. Expect transparency, minimized delays, and reliable consistency throughout the delivery process.


Choose Your Delivery Date

Choose when you need your materials delivered with the convenience of personalized scheduling, allowing you to align package arrivals with your availability. Put yourself in control of their delivery experience.


Work Within Your Budget

A tiered discount structure optimizes cost savings by offering increasingly substantial discounts on higher quantities – this means, even with a larger project, it’s easier to stay within your designated budget without sacrificing the quality or quantity of what you need.