EF43G - Combination Socket

Serves as a combination socket tee and crossover by joining horizontal rails to an upright, leaving the protruded socket to take a horizontal tie, perpendicular to the other rails, across the section. This makes it ideal for building shelved racks (with the horizontal pipe outside the upright), or pallet racks (horizontal pipe inside the upright).
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Technical Data

EF43G - Combination Socket (EF43G) Technical Image
Part No. Dimensions Fits Pipe* Fitting ID**
EF43G-25 C = 1.89
D = 1.57
E = 1.50
EF43G-32 C = 2.36
D = 1.97
E = 1.75
EF43G-40 C = 2.63
D = 2.20
E = 2.00
EF43G-25 C = 48.01
D = 39.88
E = 38.1
EF43G-32 C = 59.94
D = 50.04
E = 44.45
EF43G-40 C = 66.8
D = 55.88
E = 50.8

* Schedule 40 is an industry standard pipe size that references the inside diameter of the pipe. For Example, 1 1/4" Sch 40 actually has an outside diameter of 1.66". Have a question? Call 1-877-327-9348.

**Inner Diameter: The inner diameter of the fitting.