Side Outlet Tee

Side Outlet Tee image

The Side Outlet Tee creates a corner fitting with two sockets. You will typically use this fitting on railings such as guardrails, handrails, or safety railing. The fitting will slide onto a corner post while accepting two middle rails at a 90 degree angle. These can be used on pipe-based structures as well to create 90 degree connections on a pipe. All Easyfit fittings are hot-dipped galvanized for corrosion resistance and longevity.

Part No. Price Qty

Part No. Dimensions Fits Pipe* Fitting ID**
A = 1.89
1" Sch. 40 1.380"
A = 2.36
1 1/4" Sch. 40 1.730"
A = 2.64
1 1/2" Sch. 40 1.970"

*Schedule 40 is an industry standard pipe size that references the inside diameter of the pipe. For Example, 1 1/4" Sch 40 actually has an outside diameter of 1.66". Have a question? Call 1-877-327-9348.

**Inner Diameter: The inner diameter of the fitting.

Side Outlet Tee technical drawing