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Galvanized Tube Bundles (1” to 1.5” NB) Enlarge

Tube bundles consist of 5 pieces of 12 gauge galvanized steel tube, corresponding to nominal pipe sizes, cut into 7 foot lengths for a total of 35 feet. The bundles can ship UPS. The 7 foot lengths are ideal for hand railing. One length can be cut in half to form two 42 inch uprights.

This item may incur additional shipping charges due to its size or weight.

Galvanized Tube Bundles (1" to 1.5" NB)


PART NO. WEIGHT PRICE QTY Galvanized Tube Bundles (1” to 1.5” NB)
1” Tube…
52 lb. $ 136.49
1.25” Tube…
66 lb. $ 166.02
1.5” Tube…
76 lb. $ 198.39