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New Website Launched by Easyfit

       Easyfit™, Inc., Canton, Ohio announces the launching of its enhanced new website at to display its extensive line of structural slip-on pipe fittings, railing systems and components. Easyfit applications include building handrails, guardrails, safety railings, carports, greenhouses, displays, racks, tables, barriers, playground equipment, store fixtures, boat docks, theatrical sets, awnings, furniture, lighting grids and booms, fences, "CrossFit" type exercise equipment supports, and other tubular pipe structures.

      Easyift states that the new website features a Resource Center to provide general and technical information (e.g. Maximum Post Centers, Upright Load Ratings) to help ensure safe, practical, and simple installation of Easyfit structures. Convenient, secure order online is offered for all Easyfit slip-on fittings, including the company's full line of standard fittings, ADA handrail connectors, add-on fittings (to build on to an existing structure), as well as Easyrail railing kits to provide OSHA compliant handrail enclosures, and various "extras" such as galvanized pipe bundles, end caps and panel clips.In addition, a Project Gallery shows examples of a variety of successful Easyfit installations as supplied by Easyfit customers. The new website also includes a News & Press section for updates and new product information, and a Contact Us page that has a quick, simple form to request information and offer feedback.

      According to Easyfit, it is faster, easier and results in significant installation cost savings when assembling pipe-fitted structures using slip-on Easyfit fittings instead of welding. For example, it allows a highly-skilled, highly-paid welder to perform tasks such as heavy-duty fabrication while a laborer can install the safety railings on equipment. The cast iron fittings, galvanized for corrosion resistance, can be reused allowing for modular structures such as displays, racks, barriers, theatrical sets, lighting booms, gym equipment, and other applications.

      For more information, contact:Easyfit, Inc.

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                                                       Bldg 4C

                                                       Canton, Ohio 44721

Toll Free: 877-EASYFIT (877-327-9348), Phone: 330-494-9610, Fax: 330-494-9615. Email: [email protected]