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Calera High School students win IAT 2011 BUV Competition.

Calera High School students win IAT 2011 BUV Competition. image

Engineering students from Calera High School in Shelby County, Alabama used Easyfit structural pipe fittings in the construction of the frame for the vehicle they built to enter in the 2011 Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) competition sponsored by the Institute for Affordable Transportation (IAT). The IAT, a public non-profit charity in Indianapolis, Indiana sponsors the competition which is open to students at the collegiate and scholastic level to design and build rugged, inexpensive vehicles for use by the world's poor to improve their lives.  Brian Copes, the engineering instructor at Calera contacted Easyfit to partner with the students by providing the necessary structural pipe fittings to be used for their vehicle.

Mr. Copes and 10 of his students traveled to Indianapolis for the competition. Most competitors bring the vehicles in complete form to the competition. To demostrate the ease of their vehicle's construction, the Calera students brought their vehicle in pieces and assembled it on site in the field in four and a half hours. The competition has a variety of components including written and oral reports, design specifications met, cost requirements (affordability), a judge's test drive and a variety of physical tests such as mud pit, sled pull and an enduro race. The Calera team finished in the top three places in all categories on their way to victory.

The students donated their vehicle to Honduras.

Easyfit is proud to partner with Mr. Copes and his students in their quest for knowledge and to help the world's poor.

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